Two Cybernetic Loops

Part Of: Neuroanatomy sequence Content Summary: 800 words, 8 min read What Is Perception About? Consider Aristotle’s five senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. We know that senses are windows into physical reality. But what aspects of reality do these represent? Vision and hearing have a special property: despite receptors being located within the body (proximal), … Continue reading Two Cybernetic Loops

Markov Decision Processes

Part Of: Reinforcement Learning sequence Followup To: An Introduction To Markov Chains Content Summary: 900 words, 9 min read Motivations Today, we turn our gaze to Markov Decision Processes (MDPs), a decision-making environment which supports our propensity to learn from good and bad outcomes. We represent outcome desirability with a single number, R. This value is used to refine … Continue reading Markov Decision Processes

Glymphatic System: Why We Sleep

Part Of: Demystifying Consciousness sequence Content Summary: 1000 words, 10 min read Introduction At some point tonight, your movements will become lethargic, your eyes droop, and you will lose consciousness for eight hours. This won’t be a one-time thing. You’ll spend twenty years of your life in this zombie state. Together with reproduction and feeding, sleep … Continue reading Glymphatic System: Why We Sleep

Towards Body Architecture [Architecture v1.5]

The autobiographical origin of this post is rather involved: First, I wanted to understand the medial prefrontal cortex generated emotion. Next, I wanted to understand how affective neuroscience interacted with the endocrine system. Next, I wanted to understand the interactions between nervous & endocrine systems more generally. Finally, I wanted to understand how nervous & endocrine … Continue reading Towards Body Architecture [Architecture v1.5]