The Deep History of Humanity

Part Of: Anthropogeny sequence

Human Milestones

A graphic I created summarizing key cultural and biological milestones.

Human Deep History_ Master Timeline (3)

Note that time is situated on a logarithmic scale. Full resolution image here.

Hominid Phylogeny

Of course, the hominid line began diverging genetically from that of other primates around 7 million year ago.

Human Deep History_ Homo Sapiens Phylogeny (3)

Image from Berkeley’s Understanding Evolution. Full resolution image here.

Out of Africa

Finally, here is the geography & timeline of the emigration waves out of Africa, courtesy of Huffington Post and National Geographic.

Human Deep History_ Out of Africa (1)

A couple facts that provide context on our journey out of Africa:

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This post bears on the history of human- and hominid-like species.

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