Intellectual History (2011-2014)

An incomplete list, which only covers books and courses (not articles) I have fully consumed (vs. started)


  • Your Inner Fish [Shubin (2008)]
  • Structure Of Scientific Revolutions [Kuhn]
  • Open Society and its Enemies [Popper]
  • Who Wrote The Bible? [Friedman]
  • Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes [Everett]
  • Cows, Pigs, Wars, Witches [Harris]
  • A History Of God [Armstrong]
  • Witchcraft, Oracles, Magic among Azande [Evans-Pritchard]
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers [Sapolsky]
  • The Trouble With Testosterone [Sapolsky]
  • The Myth Of Sisyphus [Camus]
  • Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion [Hume]
  • [Lecture Series] Philosophy Of Death [Kagan]
  • [Lecture Series] Human Behavioral Biology [Sapolsky]
  • [Lecture Series] Yale: New Testament Literature & History [Martin]
  • [Lecture Series] Philosophy Of Science [Kasser]
  • [MOOC] Intro To AI


  • Influence [Cialdini]
  • The Origin Of Consciousness and Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind [Jaynes]
  • Hero With A Thousand Faces [Campbell]
  • Beyond Good and Evil [Nietzsche]
  • Genealogy Of Morals [Nietzsche]
  • Lost Christianities [Ehrman]
  • The Modularity Of Mind [Fodor]
  • Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo [Plato]
  • The Mind’s I [Dennett]
  • The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit Of Capitalism  [Weber]
  • Interpretation Of Dreams [Freud]
  • Good and Real [Drescher]
  • In Two Minds [Evans, Frankish]
  • Thinking Fast and Slow [Kahneman (2011)]
  • Working Memory: Thought and Action [Baddeley]
  • Philosophy Of Mind [Jaworski]
  • [Lecture Series] Brain Structure And Its Origins [Schneider]
  • [Lecture Series] Justice [Sandel]
  • [MOOC] Machine Learning [Ng]
  • [MOOC] Health Policy & The ACA
  • [MOOC] Networked Life


  • Evolutionary Physchology 4th edition [Buss (2011)]
  • Vision [Marr (1982)]
  • The Visual Brain in Action [Milner, Goodale (2006)]
  • Foundations Of Neuroeconomic Analysis [Glimcher]
  • Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience [Csikszentmihalyi]
  • Architecture Of Mind [Carruthers (2006)]
  • [UW Course] CSEP524 Parallel Computation [Chamberlain]
  • [UW Course] CSEP514 Natural Language Processing [Zettlemoyer]
  • [UW Course] CSEP576 Computer Vision [Farhadi]


  • The Conservative Mind [Kirk]
  • Guns, Gems, and Steel [Diamond]
  • Semiotics For Beginners [Chandler]
  • Rationality and the Reflective Mind [Stanovitch]
  • The Robot’s Rebellion [Stanovitch]
  • The Righteous Mind [Haidt]
  • The Selfish Gene [Dawkins]
  • The Better Angels Of Our Nature [Pinker]
  • The Illusion Of Conscious Will [Wegner (2003)]
  • [UW Course] CSEP590 Molecular and Neural Computation [Seelig]
  • [UW Course] CSEP573 Artificial Intelligence [Farhadi]
  • [UW Course] EE512A Advanced Inference In Graphical Models [Bilmes]

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